Monday, April 21, 2008

With Solitaire on the Hard Drive, Who Needs Real Cards?

#163 - Draw a deck of cards

I tore my house apart looking for standard playing cards, and nary a tattered Joker turned up. I did, however, find the little yellow silk purse I use to hold my old Medicine Cards(TM) deck. I never had much interest in fortunetelling, but I guess these could be described as tarot-lite. Now that the challenge is done, I must look up the meaning of this spread before I can put them away. The descriptions run a couple of pages, so I will just pick out pertinent bits to share, OK?

CROW: "... keeper of sacred law... shapeshifter.. bends the laws of the physical universe... rare and unique ability... few adepts in today's world, fewer still have mastered (it)" Whoa! This is so appropriate, you see, because I "shifted" the challenge to another type of cards. Not only was I justified in doing this, but I was using my special rare talent in the process. Why, I could even have drawn credit cards, or greeting cards, or a CARDinal, because, unlike the rest of you, I AM NOT BOUND BY PETTY RULES!!

The next card is upside down, so I have to look up MOOSE, REVERSED: Let's see, "in tooting own horn... ignored teachings... others have same potential... excessive ego can ruin accomplishment..." Hmmm, I see. This means -- that is, could be interpreted as -- well, err -- ohnevermind!!!


Shelly McC said...

Gorgeous drawing!!!

clare said...

Heheheh, Well written I enjoy your humor and the sketch is fabulous.

Lynn said...

Great interpretation of the challenge! These are beautiful.

PamYla said...

Awesome job with your cards. I enjoyed your sense of humor also

Margaret Ann said...

What a beautiful deck of cards...and an even lovlier drawing and commentary to match...I love this! :)

Thanks for "popping" in for a visit! :)