Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breaking My Own Rules

I have a "rule" about posting without an accompanying drawing or painting, but I guess this will be a temporary exception to my own rules.

This is a photo of my labyrinth garden, taken by my friend Rev. Angelica Taggart, who some years ago encouraged me to build it. It's more recent than the depiction of the same garden in the banner.

I'm writing about it now because it has been mentioned in a magazine article which I can probably only link to until the next issue is published. I always meant to explain my connection to labyrinths and what they mean to me somewhere in this blog, but I never know quite how to go about it. It's a mystery! Anyway, maybe the article will help.


Margaret Ann said...

An interesting article...welldone! :)

lyn said...

Really nice drawing here! I mow labyrinths and then mow them away! My gardens need water right now! Thanks for your comment on my blog (Sneakers the cat sketch)

Doe Grozs Art said...

Wow. great article. and welcome to the mandala oasis group. I love that you did this.. made the labyrinth.. so cool.. wish you lived closer :-)

peachtreeart said...

I love our garden, it looks so spacious!